Kelley Eidem

Kelley Eidem

Surprise ~ Pain Gone Magic (Lower Pain) Can Also Relieve Constipation


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No doubt you are only too familiar with how aches and pain and/or constipation can make your home and work life really difficult both physically and emotionally. Even your sleep can be affected. A lack of sound sleep can put your job and your family life at risk. 

Keep reading because towards the bottom of this article there is a free recipe that I’ve used for both pain and for constipation. The recipe really is free. Your cost for the ingredients – that could last you for a year – will be minimal. Listed below are some details about what the spray-on recipe can do for you.

If you’ve  already subscribed to my newsletter, you’re most likely familiar with the power of my free Pain Gone Magic recipe when it comes to relieving excruciating pain. For instance, here are the first 10 that come to mind off the top of my head…

  • Dr. Paul Lipkin says the rodeo riders he treats prefer Pain Gone Magic to national pain relieving brands
  • Severe debilitating back pain from multiple lower back surgeries – pretty much gone
  • Crippling muscle cramps – gone
  • Crushing pain from a T-Bone car accident
  • Headaches
  • PMS
  • Maddening Restless Leg Syndrome – gone
  • “Toe in the electric socket” type Diabetic Pain
  • Pain from cancer!!
  • Grossly swollen knee pain from bone-to-bone arthritis!

But that’s not all Pain Gone Magic does… 

Please pardon my frank language. There might be too much information below, but I want to help as many people as possible. I just don’t know how else to say it…

Poo Pourri photoMagic Pain Gone is the most incredible ‘Crap’ remover. (Did you know that the flush toilet was named  after “Thomas Crapper, its inventor?”) At least it has been for me for a few months now. 

Ever since I fell about six years ago, ‘going’ has been more of a challenge. You see, my spine and pelvis are severely out of position. In fact, the top of the pelvis is higher than the bottom of the lowest spinal bone, the L-5. (See an x-ray image below for a visual of a Grade 3 spinal misalignment.)

So in addition to making walking difficult, my border line Grade 3-4 spondylolithesis affects elimination. Instead of usually “going” two to three times a day, I’d only once and on occasion, skip a day!

I’ve had to rely on cape aloe to make it easier. But it’s not recommended to use cape aloe long term. I do anyway because the alternative is pretty bad.

Presently, I use the cape aloe whenever I feel like I need to guarantee one or two bowel movements the next morning because people or events that are scheduled later in the day. It’s not the ideal solution, but with an injury like mine it’s wonderful to have a Plan B.

I have found that spraying my entire abdomen with 8-10 sprays and swirling my hand around on the whole area for maybe five seconds has the most amazing effect the next morning! Often I spray a second coat just “to be sure.” Doing this works better than 90% of the time for me.

Sometimes I go even before drinking a glass of water the next morning. When I sit down, many times I’m ready to ‘go’ without effort in two seconds or less. I’ll often go twice in one sitting and both are with great ease.

These movements are well formed stools unless on the previous day I’ve taken too much ascorbyl palmitate which is a truly superior form of Vitamin C. Sure I could get much the same effect as using the Lower Pain spray by taking four capsules of ascorbyl-C four times a day, but that tactic would be 10 times more costly that way and 10 times less convenient, too.

Unannounced bonus FREE TIP: Always tuck your feet towards being next to or under the bowl, lean forward, and take a series of deep breaths rather than “pushing.” This technique will make magic happen and prevent hernias!

Three steps: 

(1) Feet next to/under bowl

(2) Lean forward

(3) take a series of deep breaths if necessary

By the way, here is what a Grade 3 spondylolithesis looks like. Mine is almost a Grade 4 even after back surgery.

Spondylolistheses Grade 3

If Pain Gone Magic can help me ‘go,’ it’s got to be a godsend for just about anyone!

The oil, named 7 Wonders Miracle Oil, made by  Century Systems had a long list of awesome  ingredients. The aroma alone might cure what ails you.   

 Nor will you find alcohol, added water or harsh  chemicals in the MagicPainGone recipe.

 I also use a pure, pure, pure aloe vera made by  George’s. It doesn’t have any additives in it at all.  None, nada! 

You won’t find these ingredients in WalMart, K-Mart or your corner grocery store. You’ll need to go to an independently owned natural foods store to get these ingredients. Or you could order them online. Swanson Health Products probably carries all of the listed ingredients, and they have great prices and service. The links below will take you to other sources if need be. (Links can change and become inactive. Please let me know if a link is no longer working.)

Get the brand names for numbers 1, 4, 5,and 6 because repeatedly those who have substituted have gotten inferior or no results.

Substitutions are at your own risk! One substitution that did work for at least one person was to use emu oil in place of the Miracle oil. That substitution could be vital for those living outside the US. Sorry ~ I don’t have a brand name to recommend for emu oil.

Here is the recipe for MagicPainGone™ you’ve been waiting for:

1 – George’s Aloe Vera juice:                                               16   ounces

2 – Vitamin C powder                                                     _3/8  teaspoon

3 – MSM powder, 99.9% pure:                                          _3/4 teaspoon

4 – Sage Oil Salvia officinalis (NOW):    _________        1/8 teaspoon

5 – Eucalyptus Oil Eucalyptus globules (NOW)  ­___         1/8 teaspoon

6 – 7 Wonders Miracle Oil (Century Systems)                    2 teaspoons

7- Nutmeg oil (NOW)______________________________1/8 teaspoon

If this recipe doesn’t provide you with at least some pain relief (typically within two minutes) you could add an 1/8 teaspoon of the NOW brand of anise oil to the 16+ ounces recipe.

Please note that the Sage oil is “Salvia Officinalis” and not some other sage or clary sage oil. Check the label to be sure you’ve gotten the correct one! 

Please mix them in the proper order.

1 –  Add the George’s aloe vera juice (not gel) to MSM and Vitamin C. Stir until thoroughly dissolved. If you add the dry ingredients to the juice, it is more likely to clump up.

2 – Add oils, and mix.

3 – For your convenience, the blue highlighted words above will take you directly to web sites where you can order the ingredients. You might also find all the ingredients at your local health food store.


Keys to Making the Best MagicPainGone™ Possible 

1)    The first two ingredients you mix are the dry ingredients MSM and Vitamin C. Only then do you add the aloe vera juice. If you add the dry ingredients to the juice, it is more likely to clump up.

2)    Last add the oils.

3)    Make sure you buy MSM made by “OptiMSM.” It is guaranteed to be at least 99.9% pure. Any heavy metals, including mercury, are removed. OptiMSM is found is found under many different brand names. Buy the powdered form, not capsules, unless you like breaking open a whole lot of capsules.

4)    Store the mixture in a dark, glass container. If you store it in a plastic container, it will eventually eat away at the plastic. If you store it in a clear glass container, the light can also ruin your mixture’s potency.

5)    Whenever you transfer the mixture to another container, stir it vigorously immediately before pouring. Failure to do this can easily result in making a weak solution since the oils tend to separate from the aloe vera juice.

6)    Always shake the solution immediately before each use for the same reason.

If there is one drawback to MagicPainGone™, it is that it can stain your clothes. So massage it in and let it dry before letting your clothes come into contact with it. This takes only a minute or two. 

I put mine into a 2-ounce plastic spray bottle. (Be sure to stir vigorously prior to putting into the bottle. It takes a few months before the plastic gets distorted by the mixture. So keep your main supply in the dark glass bottle.)  

I promise you that your MagicPainGone™ Recipe just might be your pain miracle! It has made even the worst chronic and acute pain go poof.              

Your pain could be next!

I am heartened to learn when yet another person is pain free. Together a new way to national health is possible.

Please leave comments and use the social media share buttons such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Stumble Upon to your right to help another pain sufferer or victim of constipation to become pain free.

Your comments improve the rankings for this webpage on Google. Sharing brings more eyeballs to this page. Either one is most deeply appreciated.Commenting and sharing combined just might prevent World War III or the collapse of society. LOL

The best to you.


Kelley Eidem

Kelley is the author of the Top 100 Amazon Best Seller The Doctor Who Cures Cancer. He’s also the author of It’s Not Just For Sex (NSFW) which is a laymen’s report on a Nobel Prize winning discovery that lowers blood pressure in addition to helping men and women restore either their erections, desire or lubrication.








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