“Lower Pain for You and Your Family”

That’s right – starting now I am giving you my extraordinary pain relief recipe for FREE

First, let me apologize in advance to you for the “sales-ey” sounding content here. This information used to be sold, but now it is free without any strings attached other than my asking you to share what is being given away here. My goal here is to help as many people as possible to become pain free. With your sharing, especially on Pinterest, that goal can become a reality.


“Lower Pain” has helped many others before you, even people who were hurting so badly they were unable to hold down a job.

In fact, Wayne had suffered through a dozen surgeries including Happy family lying in a circle on white floorthree on his back. He previously woke up with tears in his eyes every morning due to his severe pain. Prior to finding out about “Lower Pain” it took him a half-hour just to put his socks on – if he could get them on at all. Then one afternoon I sprayed his back at a flea market of all places. He purchased a bottle. (You’re getting the recipe free!) After that he no longer woke up in tears. He could put his socks on in a couple minutes!

Dr. Paul Lipton is a chiropractor who treats rodeo riders at the rodeo when they get banged up. He has told me personally that the riders prefer Lower Pain to any of the national brands of topical pain relief he has to offer. 


Get ready to feel your pain go away…

  • People have felt relief from PMS, leg cramps, and terrible whiplash from being T-Boned in their car.
  • I’ll never forget a man who had hugely swollen knees. The cartilage in his joints had been destroyed by steroids shots. His pain management doctor had prescribed him enough pain killers that he was allowed to take one every hour! He dragged himself around the flea market. But ten minutes after he tried Lower Pain, he was practically skipping!
    • A teen aged boy had Osgood-Schlatter disease. It’s a very painful condition where the leg bones grow too fast. It didn’t take more than a minute for the teen to notice his strong pain had lifted!


  • A met a woman who was wearing a large patch over her eye. She was covering up cancer that had invaded her eye. In fact, her eye was gone from surgery, but the cancer had returned. Her husband had sent her to me. I was reluctant, but she insisted because she was feeling a lot of pain that she wanted to spray her eye and face.She did. Almost instantly her pain practically vanished.

Can you see why I’m giving the recipe away? 


So why in the heck is my recipe FREE?

Basically because I can make it free. Why not? You’re hurting. You want relief, and you hate the feeling drugs give you.

My goal is to create a ‘daisy chain’ of free pain relief. Let’s see how many people we can help.

Lower Pain could be your answer. It could be their answer, too.

People frequently tell me how grateful they are to have this miracle and how it has rescued them or family members.

Let me put it this way…if you don’t share this link with at least 10 to 20 people, you haven’t paid me back! (If you give them the recipe instead, the viral daisy chain is broken, so don’t do that.)


How can we make Lower Pain go viral?

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Your Free Lower Pain Recipe!

Congratulations! You have on your screen what might be the most phenomenal pain relief spray recipe ever invented!!

The reason this recipe works so well is that I originally invented this for my own pain. So I wasn’t about to skimp on the ingredients.

For instance, when I looked for a massage oil to add to the recipe, I selected one that cost twice as much as others on the shelf. (Don’t worry, it retails for about $9.00, and will probably last you for at least a year.)

The oil, named Miracle Oil, had a long list of awesome ingredients. The aroma alone might cure what ails you. Nor will you find alcohol, added water or harsh chemicals in the Lower Pain recipe. I also use a pure, pure, pure aloe vera made by George’s.

It doesn’t have any additives in it at all. None, nada! You won’t find these ingredients in WalMart, K-Mart or your corner grocery store. You’ll need to go to an independent natural foods store to get these ingredientsOr you could order the ingredients online.

If you substitute any of the ingredients, you risk not getting rid of your pain. It’s that simple. Just below is the recipe for Lower Pain you’ve been waiting for.

Don’t worry about the measuring units. Some of the measurements are in ounces and teaspoons. Others are in “mgs” and grams. That’s because you’ll find scoopers in the vitamin C powder and MSM powder that are measured in “mgs.” A gram is equal to 1,000 mgs.

Add the ingredients in this order only

1 —  MSM powder, 99.9% pure: 3 grams (3,000 mgs)    

2 —  Vitamin C  powder:     1,600 mg (don’t get C with other ingredients – it’ll clog the                                                     sprayer)

3 —  George’s Aloe Vera juice:     16 ounces

4 —  7 Wonders Miracle Oil: 2 teaspoons (“7 wonders Miracle Oil” is made by                                                                Century Systems)

5 —  Eucalyptus Oil (NOW brand) :     ¼ teaspoon (use eucalytpus globulus)

6 —  Sage Oil (NOW brand) :     ¼ teaspoon (use salvia officinalis)



1 — Put the dry MSM and Vitamin C into your container.

2 — Pour the George’s aloe vera juice (don’t get the gel form) onto MSM and Vitamin C. Stir until thoroughly dissolved. If you add the dry ingredients to the juice, it is more likely to clump up.

3 — Add oils, and mix.

4 — For your convenience, the blue highlighted words above will take you directly to web sites where you can order the ingredients. You might find all the ingredients at your local health food store. 

Keys to Making the Best Lower Pain Possible

  1. The first two ingredients you mix are the dry ingredients MSM and Vitamin C. Only then do you add the aloe vera juice. If you add the dry ingredients to the juice, it is more likely to clump up.
  2. Last add the oils.
  3. Make sure you buy MSM made by “OptiMSM.” It is guaranteed to be at least 99.9% pure. Any heavy metals are removed. OptiMSM is found is found under many different brand names. Buy the powdered form, not capsules, unless you like breaking open a whole lot of capsules.
  4. Store the mixture in a dark, glass container. If you store it in a plastic container, it will eventually eat away at the plastic. If you store it in a clear glass container, the light can also ruin your mixture’s potency.
  5. Whenever you transfer the mixture to another container, stir it vigorously immediately before pouring. Failure to do this can easily result in making a weak solution since the oils tend to separate from the aloe vera juice.
  6. Always shake the solution immediately before each use for the same reason.


I put mine into a 2-ounce plastic spray bottle. (Be sure to stir vigorously prior to putting yours solution into the bottle. Keep your main supply in the dark glass bottle.) 

I promise you that your Lower Pain™ Recipe just might be your pain miracle! It has made even the worst chronic and acute pain go poof

Your pain could be next!  

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